505 Games Summer Steam Sale Is On

This season’s Steam Publisher Sale offers massive discounts on one of the most successful publishers in the past 2 years, 505 Games. The sale will last till September 8.

The sale offers discounts on some of the last 2 years’ most popular games. Below are some of the biggest games on sale:

  • Death Stranding – Rs. 2,999
  • Control: Ultimate Edition – Rs. 2,399
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Rs. 1,249
  • Assetto Corsa: Competition – Rs. 449
  • Abzu – Rs. 282

The Control: Ultimate Edition will feature the base game and all announced DLC’s, including the recently announced AWE expansion. Players who buy this edition on PS4 and Xbox One will get a free next-get upgrade as well.

Credit: 505 Games Summer Steam Sale Is On